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02-01Dear Visitors

All STPM past year papers will be disabled for this semester. Because i found that my papers was modified and shared without my permission.


02-01Dear KK LEE students

Please do not share my past year papers to others. If i know any of non my students/teachers have my past year papers. I will stop printing KK LEE version for all my students in future. Everyone will get online version only..

Study Smart, Not Hard.
After sharing my compiled version of STPM Mathematics (T) and Mathematics (M) past year questions for free for more than 5 years. This is the first time i stop sharing my compiled past year papers. The reason is because people used my past year paper to make profit. They cropped out all the information printed on my papers. If you wish to use and publish the questions, please do not crop out any information provided on the papers. Else i won’t share my papers anymore.
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
I typed all the questions one by one using Latex (one of the high-quality typesetting system). It took average 10 minutes per question to type the questions, and check the errors. That’s why you will get a well compiled version of the Mathematics (T) and Mathematics (M) past year questions that were sorted by chapters and years. But now i realised that some people will never appreciate the hard work, and use my papers to make profit. I will stop sharing all the question papers on my website for this semester. Please do not email or message me to request for the question papers. Because i know you will share the papers with the whole school.
To my current and ex students. Please do not share/give my past year question papers to your friends or your teachers. If i know any of theses case happen, all students will only get the lousy version in future. Anyway, I will continue to give all the compiled KK LEE version to all my students. Make sure you try all the past year questions before your STPM exam. If you have no time to try all the questions, you can refer to the solutions that posted on the website or you can request the download link for the solutions for easy reference on computer or phone.