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Welcome to KK LEE Mathematics

I am a focused, result driven Mathematics teacher. I have been tutoring for more than 10 years in SPM, STPM and A level. Mathematics is a subject where at its core, a student has to grasp the logic and a clear set of rules. Once these arrangements are simply laid down, then a student just needs to practice and get a command of the topic by performing the basic examples. As a result of working hard and building upon a sound foundation, a higher mark of A or B should be expected without any doubt.

My Subjects

These are some of the subjects/papers that i am teaching. Call me for more info if you are interested.


Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics (T) and Mathematics (M)


Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics


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About Me

I am a Mathematics teacher specializing in STPM Mathematics (T) & (M) and A level Mathematics & Further Mathematics. Currently teaching at Ai Tuition, I am familiar with a wide range of examination problem solving techniques.

I’m Passionate About Teaching Mathematics concepts for students

I’ve been a mathematics teacher for over 17 years, and during that time I’ve developed a love of problem-solving and teaching kids how to think logically. My experience has taught me how to engage students in learning and help them see the beauty in mathematics.

My Mission

I am passionate about teaching mathematics, and I firmly believe that it is a vital subject for everyone to learn. My goal is to help students understand and appreciate mathematics, so they can use it in their everyday lives.

My Vision

I believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn mathematics, regardless of their background or ability. I am committed to creating an environment in which all students can be successful mathematicians.

My Process of Work & Resources

Past Year Question

I have a massive collection of past year papers to help you prepare for exams. The best collection of past year papers for all your mathematics papers. Download past year papers for your exams.

Trial Exam Paper

Practice free mock tests online. Our trial exams papers collections are designed to test your knowledge and prepare you for the real thing. Helps to identify topics that need attention.


Coursework Sample Question and Answer. Most of the time, I discuss the coursework in the class. I will post the solutions of the coursework when they are available.

Many Others

I try to post the latest exam timetable from the national and international examinations since 2014. Topical question banks are provided as well.

My Teaching

Join My Classes In Ai Tuition. I offer unique and interesting methods that you won’t find anywhere else. My mission is to provide a quality education for everyone, everywhere. Join me today and start learning!


Ai Tuition (ONLINE)

Currently, Ai Tuition is offering only online classes. We are conducting classes via Facebook Live and Zoom. Join my STPM Mathematics (T) & (M) & A LEVEL Mathematics & Further Mathematics classes as a trial today.

Private Tuition (ONLINE)

If you are not able to attend my class at the scheduled time, I also provide online private classes. Classes are fully flexible depends on the arrangements. You can also schedule a one to one online trial session now, scroll down to schedule your own private tuition time now.

Private Tuition (Face 2 Face)

I provide one to one home tuition and also small group private tuition. Private tuition students have fewer or no distractions, and it is more flexible. I am willing to experiment with new teaching styles that work more effectively for the student. I travel around the Klang Valley to student houses.

Best Solutions for your Education

It is important to be smart about how you study mathematics so that you can make the most of your time and improve your understanding of the material. Make sure to ask questions in class, review your notes regularly, and try out practice problems.


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Happy Students

Read our student testimonials and find out why I am the best in the tuition.

“Mr. Lee is a very responsible teacher who always makes sure the willing students understand every single point he made in the lessons. Although I was only having 10 months with him for my mathematics yet this has been more than enough to prove that he is a very thoughtful teacher. He assures every question from the students is well solved and provided with organised solutions regardless where they are and what time is it. You must be so lucky to learn from him.”

Henry Wong – STPM Mathematics (T)


I used to hate maths when I started form 6 as I kept having the perspective that it’s hard. But KK Lee’s patience in teaching and explanation gave me a new perspective and showed me maths is all about hardwork & practice. Thank you KK Lee.

Charis – STPM Mathematics (T)


Really like your teaching sir! Had fun and enjoyed attending your class. Quite easy to understand what you taught. And some of the ways to memorize the formula are quite interesting. Thumbs up for you KK Lee 🙂

Kai Wen – STPM Mathematics (T)


I have only heard of your class after i met my friends. They joined since sem1 or sem2 and have recommended it to me. After joining your class,i found out that it’s quite easy to catch up and i enjoyed your classes. I would recommend it to my friends so that they are able to revise and understand better in studies with the help of tuition classes.

Hui Qi – STPM Mathematics (T)


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STPM 2021 September Tuition Update

STPM 2021 September Tuition Update

STPM 2021 September Tuition is a continuing study after STPM 2021 August Tuition. Updated timetable and information about Term 1 and Term 2 Mathematics (T) and Mathematics (M) are provided here.