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STPM 2018/2019 Term 1 Mathematics Tuition

STPM 2018/19 Term 1I am teaching STPM Mathematics (T) and Mathematics (M) at Ai Tuition Centre, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala LumpurSTPm mathematics Free Trial Classes (17th May -19th May 2018) All students are invited to attend the Mathematics (T) and Mathematics (M)...

STPM 2018 Term 2 Mathematics (T) Coursework Sample Solution

STPM 2018 term 2 mathematics (T) Coursework sample Guideline for solving STPM 2018 Term 2 Mathematics (T) PBS coursework assignment methodology Hint: limits L' Hopital rule Rationalisation Indeterminate Form Existance of limitsThanks the two students who sent me the...

STPM 2018 Term 1 Mathematics (T) Coursework Sample

Question A complex number is an extension of a real number and it can be represented in Cartesian and polar forms. In this assignment, you are required to explore the powers and roots of complex numbers. 1 (a) Let z =1+i. Find z^n, where n = 2, 3, 4, …, and represent...

STPM 2017 Term 3 Mathematics (M) Coursework Sample Answer

Question An entrepreneur is contemplating to purchase a brand new sealing machine winch costs RM90 000. The machine can be purchased through financing packages provided by 3 suppliers. All suppliers require 30% down payment. 1. Suppliers A, B and C offer a financing...

STPM 2017 Mathematics (T) Term 3 Coursework Sample

STPM 2017 Term 3 MT Coursework Explained. "Only sample solution for mathematical part will be posted. Please ask your school teacher for introduction, methodology, and conclusion." —00 It  is  reported  that  Malaysian  youths  spend  many  hours  daily  to  access ...

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