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Federal Territory Day

Federal Territory Day

Mathematics (T) class at Ai Tuition Centre (Kuala Lumpur) on Sunday 1st February 2015 are cancelled due to Federal Territory Day.


All my classes on Saturday(6 Sep 2014) and Sunday(7 Sep 2014) are cancelled because of some emergency issue.


1. To be eligible, you must be a registered Term 1 student of Ai Tuition. (August 2014 and September 2014 and October 2014) 2. You must “like” Ai Tuition’s Facebook page.


RM50 per subject are rewarded for existing Ai Tuition students who obtained (GPA) of more than 3.0 of the subject in STPM 2015 term 1 examination (i.e. B+, A-, A).


1. Fill in the form. 2. Send your STPM 2015 term 1 result slip to Ai Tuition counter or email us. 3. Collect reward at Ai Tuition Counter when you pay the tuition fee of March. (We might show your result in our advertisement. Show only the result you claim for reward. Example.)


26 February – 31 March 2015