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STPM 2021 Term 2 Mathematics (T) Intensive


STPM 2021 Term 2
Mathematics (T) Intensive

maximum progress in minimum time

Intensive Class

STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T) intensive class will start on 3 June 2021. The Intensive class is designed to :

  • Discuss all difficult past year questions that not managed to discuss in normal class on Wednesday
  • Explain some difficult exam techniques that not managed to discuss in normal class on Wednesday
  • Complete the 100% exam solving skills
  • Discuss all the Past Year Questions in this class. Getting familiarised with Past Year Questions and learning the techniques to solve them are essential for students to score a good grade.



Mathematics (T) Intensive

Intensive Class

I am teaching Term 2 Mathematics (T) Intensive online class on these two platforms: Ai Tuition Centre E-Tuition platform and Facebook Live.

E-Tuition platform


Subscribe Ai Bot and message Ai Bot by sending “My Online Class” and follow the instruction given to generate your own link.


For trial student, please WhatsApp Ai Tuition Centre or generate the link instantly through Ai Bot at Main Menu > Online Trial Class > E-Tuition Platform.

Facebook Live


To watch my Facebook Live, click the button below to find and join my FB group. All the videos are re-watchable until exam.


If you are a trial student and do not have a student ID, the student ID is your phone number. Click the button to find and join my FB group.

Tuition Fees

  • The tuition fees for STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T) Intensive class is RM80 per month if you are only taking 1 subject.
  • Special tuition fees for KK LEE students who are taking the STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T) Wednesday class and have already purchased the past year book, you are only required to pay RM10 per month for the STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T) Intensive class.

Free Trial Classes

  • Free trial classes on every Week 2 and Week 4 of the month (according to the Ai Tuition Academic Calendar).
  • Students can also request for the trial class on Week 1 and Week 3. Students are required to pay tuition fees after trial class and confirm to join tuition.
  • All students are invited to attend the STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T) Intensive free trial classes. At the moment only online classes are available.
  • There are two methods to join my class now which are via Ai Tuition E-Tuition Platform or join via Facebook Live at Facebook Group. Contact me for more details.


STPM 2020/2021

TERM 2 Intensive

STPM 2020/2021 Term 2 intensive class starts on 31 May. At the moment only online classes are available. I provide in both platforms which are Ai Tuition Center E-Tuition platform and also Facebook Live.

STPM Term 2 Intensive Online Class Timetable

Complete STPM Term 2 Tuition Timetable



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STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T)

Wednesday 8.00-9.45pm

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STPM Term 2 Mathematics (T) Intensive

Thursday 5.00-6.45pm

More details

Latest Announcement


“I am really weak in Maths T. It became a way bigger concern when I decided to take Form 6 because all of us know that Form 6 isnt a joke. But when I started Maths T classes with KK LEE …

Yvonne Racheal Shanthi

Yvonne Racheal Shanthi

SMK Tinggi Setapak

“I am a Mathematics M students. At the school, some lessons I not very understand. After that, I search the tuition centre which have Mathematics M subject online. After searching, I…

Yim Jean Wai

Yim Jean Wai

SMK Kepong Ulu

“I have no doubt that Mr Lee is one of the best teacher in my life. To be honest, I’m not good in mathematics and I don’t really like it. But after attended his class, knowing that he puts all his …

Choo Jun Hui

Choo Jun Hui

SMK Seafield


KK LEE has been a STPM Mathematics tuition teacher since June 2006, but his love of Maths dates back to at least 1999 when he was Form 4. KK LEE started teaching in 2006 at Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi. He was known as "LK" when he was teaching in PTK. After teaching STPM Mathematics for 8 years in PTK, he joined Ai Tuition Centre in 2014. Over the years he has taught Mathematics (T), Mathematics (S), Mathematics (M), Additional Mathematics.


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