AnnouNcing new STPM Mathematics (M) Book Store

KK LEE gives you all the lastest past year book
Visit the lastest book store here

Now you can get all the complete STPM Mathematics (M) past year books compiled with the questions and the complete workout solutions. I have made the books in two main categories. One is sorted by chapters and another one is sorted by years and papers. You can click the following images to get a free sample from the Google Play Books Store. If you are interested to get complete version you can buy the books from the Google Play Book Store. Scroll down for the instructions to download all the books for free if you are my students.

To KK LEE Students

Get all the books for free

There are two types of books. And you can get all books for free.
Type 1: Past Year Q & A Book (Sort by years and papers)
Type 2: Past Year Chapter Q & A Book (Sort by chapters and sub chapters)
Follow the steps to get all the books for free.

  1. Join KK LEE STPM Mathematics Facebook group.
  2. Comment your email address in the corresponding term email list.
  3. All chapters books for the corresponding term/semester will be automatically sent to your google play book when they are available.

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