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STPM 2016 Mathematics (T) Term 2 Assignment


The concept of a limit plays a central role in calculus. For example, continuity, derivative and integral require this concept. In this assignment, you are required to explore the concept of a limit.

Sample Question

Question 1

(a) Draw an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle of radius  x cm. Express the area of the triangle A_3 in term of x.

(b) Repeat 1(a) with square, regular pentagon, regular hexagon, …, regular polygon with n sides in the circle of radius x cm.

(c) Determine the value of \frac{A_n}{x^2} correct to three decimal places when n is large.

Question 2

A function  f_k  is defined by  f_k(x) =(1+kx)^{\frac{1}{x}}.

(a)(i) Tabulate the values x and f_1(x) when x equals to 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, …. Deduce value of \lim_{x\to 0} f_1(x).

(a)(ii) Tabulate the values x and  f_k(x) for k = 2, 3 and 4, when x equals to 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, ….  Deduce value of  \lim_{x\to 0}f_k(x).

(b) Show that \lim_{x\to\infty} \left(1+\frac{k}{x}\right)^x=\lim_{x\to 0}(1+kx)^\frac{1}{x}.

Question 3

A function g is defined by g(t) = \int_1^t \frac{1}{x(x+1)}dx, where t>1.

(a) Suppose t is an integer, estimate g(t) using the trapezium rule with

(i) t-1 strips,

(ii) 2(t-1) strips,

(iii) 4(t-1) strips.

In each case, express g(t) in terms of  t and determine $\lim_{t\to\infty} g(t)$.

(b) Suppose t is a real number, find g(t) using integration and determine $\lim_{t\to\infty} g(t)$.

(c) Comment on your findings.




Sample Solution
Sample solution will not be posted for this semester. Assignment sample solution will be continued only after this semester.

Sorry. Please discuss with your friends or teacher to get more information of the coursework. And thanks for viewing this website.

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